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Voice Work

For 15 years, Ashlei has worked as an independent voice artist for national TV and radio commercials, local businesses, e-learning videos, federal government PSAs and community events. Her clients including Amazon, AARP, Jotform, the District of Columbia government, EdPuzzle, the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Department of Transportation, UNCF, The Professional Services Council, ESPN Radio, The Minnesota Vikings, the University of Tennessee Athletics Department, and many more. Ashlei also offers news on several award-winning gospel stations in SC, GA, and Indiana.

nfl team promotion

Adopt A Family - Radio
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WFMV (Columbia, SC)

National tv commercial

Government PSA

Radio PSA

"Adulting as a Millenial...uncut" written by Asha Tarry


Awards Ceremony NarRation

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