About Ashlei

Whether it’s speaking about government affairs on national news, discussing the latest HBCU news on her web series, engaging a crowd as an exciting event emcee, or empowering teens as they struggle with self-confidence, the one constant theme is Ashlei’s unmistakable voice.

And she uses her voice to Inform, Inspire, and Empower.

As a former news reporter-turned-communications guru, Ashlei has more than 15 years of media experience spanning government to non-profits. She spent most of her career at UNCF, and recently managed media relations on behalf of the U.S. Census Bureau. She currently works in communications at The MayaTech Corporation.

You may have also seen Ashlei on TV One’s top-rated show, “Fatal Attraction,” of which she’s offered commentary on criminal cases for the past five seasons. She’s also appeared on CNN, Oxygen, BET, ID and the Weather Channel, after having hosted several entertainment talk shows across New York City. And in case her voice sounds familiar, Ashlei lends her talents to businesses and brands as a voice artist, event emcee, and motivational youth speaker.


She was recently featured in DC Government's PSA on paid family leave. Her latest project is serving as narrator for “Adulting As a Millennial…uncut,” an audiobook released Oct. 27, 2020 by acclaimed mental health therapist and life coach Asha Tarry. Purchase it here.

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UNCF Empower Me Tour
Illinois/Wisconsin: 11/7/20
 New York/New Jersey: 11/21/20 

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